Complimentary Copies of My Book

Complimentary Copies of My Book

Dear Comrades

I have 14 ‘hard’ (printed) copies of the second edition of my book, Capital-in-Crisis, Trade Unionism and the Question of Revolutionary Agency to distribute to people.

If you would like a copy, please email me at  mnwps@hotmail com

Unfortunately, I cannot pay for the package & postage. Book will be sent by first class recorded delivery which is approximately, in the UK, £10.00 for the weight of the book. A cheque for this amount will have to be sent to me. If you are requesting a copy of the book from outside the UK, the cost of postage will obviously be higher. If you are outside the UK, for example, it may be cheaper to simply order the book at your local bookstore or ask your local public library to add a copy to its collection.

Free electronic copies of the first edition of my book are available on the internet with links on this site.

The book is on sale in the UK for approximately £25.00 excluding package & postage. You, as a WordPress reader, will be charged £10.00 for the book which includes package and postage. Once the cheque has cleared, the book will be sent by first class recorded delivery to the nominated address within the UK.

Please let me know by email that you have received the book. If you do intend to buy the second edition of the book, please do not send cash by post. Cash sent through the post has a tendency to ‘get lost in the post’.

With Best Fraternal Wishes

Shaun May


East Yorkshire

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